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The Lazy Days of Summer?

Although folks often refer to this time of year as the "lazy days of summer," we are working hard on our "Victory in November" campaign. We had a "hot time" marching in the Sierra Madre 4th of July parade. We met lots of supporters along the route and it was a great way to celebrate America's birthday. Thank you to all of the family and friends who participated and help us spread the "Leadership, not Politics" message in Sierra Madre.

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Time, Treasure and Talent

Although the Pasadena Star News failed to report the election results of the June 3rd primary election for the 27th Congressional District, we received 24,467 votes or 39.2% of the vote. With only 29% registered Republicans in the district, this is a great indication of the growing dissatisfaction of Congresswoman Judy Chu. During three weekends in May, we walked nine precincts in Altadena.

Although Altadena only had a voter turnout of 15%, our nine precincts showed a voter turnout of 27%, which shows our dedicated volunteers can convince people to vote.

The stunning upset in Virginia this week shows that there is no safe district and that money doesn't vote but people do!

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Dem Congress Doesn't Know Jack

So where's your $2,500 in health premium savings that Obama and the Dem Congress Promised You in order to pass Obamacare?  The video shows Obama making this promise over 20 times.  Instead, health premiums are scheduled to go up by double digits next year.

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Jack's Latest Video


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It's Official: Filings Done, Campaign Kicks Off

The candidate filing has been completed, and the Jack Orswell for Congress 2014 campaign is now officially underway.  First of all, make sure you, your family members and friends are registered to vote.   If you are not registered to vote, you cannot have a voice in your government.  If you are not registered, or need to update or verify your registration, you can go to our new website, JackOrswell.com, and click on the link.  You can also sign up as a volunteer, pledge your vote, check out upcoming events, provide me your endorsement or make a donation.  And you can help us spread the word about the campaign by clicking on the links to Facebook, Twitter, Google Circles or LinkedIn.

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Orswell Launches 2014 Campaign

On January 10th, I announced my intention to file as a candidate for the California 27th Congressional District. The decision to run again was made mainly on the fact that Congress continues to ignore our voices. Our government exists in a very limited role to keep us safe, help those in need and allow us to enjoy freedom and liberty. But Congress continues to play politics as usual, introducing needless bills and spending money they don’t have. In 2012, the national debt was $13 trillion; it is currently over $17 trillion. This enormous debt is a threat to our national security and yet Congress continues to spend. We can only change the thinking in Washington if we change the people in Washington.

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Videos from the 2012 Campaign



Congressional District 27 (click to zoom)

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In the face of a widespread drought affecting California, we welcome a discussion on how Rep. Chu's proposed National Recreation Area in the San Gabriel Mountains would affect the water rights of our foothill cities.
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